The Benefits of Plants

Air Filters

Indoor contaminants from seemingly benign sources such as furniture, drapes, insulation and carpets can cause a variety of complaints such as respiratory irritation, dizziness, headaches, skin rashes, nausea and vomiting.

The good news is that an attractive low cost solution does exist. Research conducted by the NASA shows you can remedy the situation by placing living green plants throughout the building to filter the air.

Sick Building Syndrome

The switch from open windows to energy efficient working environments and the advent of modern building methodology and products the result has been work places that contain known amount of cancer causing chemicals.

The ability of living plants to filter the air in the areas that we work can help the problems labelled as 'sick building syndrome.' Plants effectively reduce the levels of a number of noxious gases found in almost every home or office building.

Toxin Absorption Various plants have been found to be effective in reducing the level of harmful chemicals such as trichloroethleyne (TCE), benzene and formaldehyde.

TCE is used in metal degreasing and dry cleaning industries and is an ingredient in painting inks, prints, lacquers, varnishes and adhesives. TCE is a potent carcinogenic.

Benzene is one of the most common chemicals found in everyday use including inks, oils, paints, plastics and rubber. An additive in detergents, pharmaceuticals and dyes it is known as a skin and eye irritant. Exposure to benzene has been blamed for dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, headaches, respiratory diseases, weakness, euphoria, tremors, irregular heartbeat and liver and kidney damage to name but a few.

Formaldehyde is a chemical found in virtually all indoor environments including foam insulation and pressed wood products. It is used in wrappers, facial tissues and paper towels and in most cleaning agents. The chemical irritates the mucous membranes of the eyes, noes and throat.


In today's world we are constantly bombarded with noise, movement and visual complexity. Separately and together they can overwhelm our senses. Because of their simplicity plants reduce physical and mental stress, cause us to relax and improve our health.

Green is a colour of peace and serenity. In planted offices, employees are more content and comfortable, morale is higher and there is reduced absenteeism. Creativity is enhanced and productivity increased. Standards of dress improve.

Office landscaping therefore can provide substantial benefits to your business.

Enhancing The Environment

People are becoming more and more aware of their surroundings and the importance of preserving and improving our environment.

Interior plantscaping improves the personal environment by making our rooms, work areas and buildings more aesthetically pleasing and perceptually stimulating.

Plants provide warmth and colour and offer living art thus offering an inexpensive interior decorating alternative.


In the 21st century organisations are increasingly aware of their company image which includes their building interior and exteriors.

After all this is often the first impression that customers and visitors have of your organisation. Plants not only provide natural health enhancing benefits but play an important part in projecting a quality company image.

Landscaping is therefore becoming an integral part of business facilities in an increasingly image conscious business environment.